Tuesday, April 3rd

Tahn Subharo gave a Dhamma talk on his favourite Sutta, the Kālakārāma Sutta from the Anguttara Nikaya 4:24.  Three translations of this Sutta are given below, the first being the translation he used.  There is a commentary on the Kalakarama Sutta in the book, “The Magic of the Mind” by Venerable Nanananda which is available for free download, under the books section of: seeingthroughthenet.net.

Tahn Subharo has agreed to give a Dhamma talk each Tuesday while he is here, which is until May 19th.  He will share with us his other favourite Suttas each Tuesday.

Click the link to read three translations of the Kalakarama Sutta.

Friday, April 6th

We continued reading from “The Stillness of Being”.  Access to this book is listed in the March 2018 post.

Tuesday, April 10

Tahn Subharo shared another sutta that has inspired him.  This week it was AN Book of Fours, 125(5) on the Brahmaviharas……metta, karuna, mudita and upekkha (loving friendliness, compassion, sympathetic joy and equanimity).  This sutta enumerated how many eons one would enjoy various heavenly realms if these qualities are cultivated.  BUT, the sutta goes on to say that once this fruit of good kamma has been exhausted, then we may be reborn in an unwelcome realm due to our unskillful kamma.  So the take home message is to work on our unskillful habit energies NOW and not just rest on the laurels of our good kamma.  If you would like to read this or any other sutta, Bhante Sujato has just completed a new translation, in easy to understand English, of the 4 main books of the Buddha’s teachings.  It is available on suttacentral.net  These books are also available in our library….but are for reading on site, not to be borrowed.

FridayApril 13

Santutthi read a translation, done by herself in the style of Ajahn Brahm, of the first teaching that the Buddha gave: Turning the Wheel (click to read)

Tuesday, April 17

Tahn Subharo discussed how difficult it can be to meditate, but how worthwhile. Group  members felt validated by his comments and encouraged in their practice.

Friday, April 20

We continued reading from The Stillness of Being. Access to this book can be found through the March 2018 blog post.

Tuesday, April 24

Tahn Subharo spoke about the value  of consistent practice. Questions from the group addressed difficulties we all encounter, and we received much encouraging advice.

Friday, April 27

Santutti told us the story of the Channa Sutta: how the Buddha’s charioteer Channa was transformed from a willful, disobedient monk to a stream-enterer by the teaching of the Venerable Ananda, after the death of the Buddha. The clear exposition of dependent arising led Channa to change his heart and mind.

The translation Santutti used follows.

Channa and Dependent Origination (click to read)


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