June 1-3: Ayya Medhanandi led us in a silent retreat, sharing the wisdom that has arisen from her long study of the dhamma.

June 5: Our last day with Ayya Medhanandi. She shared with us some of what she learned by standing mindfully holding her alms bowl outside Nutter’s on Bargain Tuesday. It took a pepper sticking out of her bowl to help people realize what she was doing. She gained many insights into people’s lives just by watching mindfully.

June 8: Our first time meeting without leadership from a monastic or Santutthi for what seems like a long time! Sanghamitta shared a truly encouraging talk by Ajahn Achalo: Experiencing Spiritual Power.

June 12: Jan and Everett lead the group, while Sanghamitta had her eye “done” (successfully). More to come.

June 15: Sanghamitta, bright-eyed again, shared part of Ajahn Nyanadhammo’s talk on the ten paramis: the introduction, and thoughts on dana  – generosity.

June 19: Sanghamitta played the first part of a talk by Ajahn Nyanadhammo, The Factors of Awakening in Meditation.  She also shared with us her discovery of an inspiring and useful book:  The Mind Illuminated by Culadasa (John Yates).

June 22 and 29: We continued listening to Ajahn Nyanadhammo’s talk on the ten paramis.





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