July 3: Sanghamitta prepared a talk for us: The Removal of Thoughts 

July 6: We enjoyed a two-hour visit from Thanissaro Bhikku, who spoke to us about the relative  importance of the Four Noble Truths versus the Three Characteristics. Emphasis on impermanence, unsatisfactoriness, and non-self lead to an essentially negative life view, while the Noble Truths give hope of release from suffering, and a plan of action.

July 10: Marilyn talked about her retreat at Birken, and Sanghamitta began sharing what she, Jan, and Marilyn heard at their weekend in Saskatoon with Thanissaro Bhikku.

July 13: Sanghamitta shared a reading about Ajahn Chah’s visit to England and the US.  He had never witnessed meditation retreat for lay people…..just the one day a week meditation time at the monastery for lay people.  He didn’t think it was useful unless they were incorporating the Dhamma into their daily life.  So we went around the circle and everyone shared how they did this.  It was a really rich experience…..some people found out they weren’t alone in their daily struggles and were glad to share and receive Dhammic methods to approach the sufferings of life.   And Sanghamitta reminded senior people that Friday was an opportunity for them to take turns teaching to give her a break!

July 17: Sanghamitta finished sharing her notes on Thanissaro Bhikkus talks in Saskatoon. You can see the notes she received at the retreat here. His teachings are also available in one of his study guide books, called the Ten Perfections, available here.

July 20: Judy led us in a discussion of wanting. Jan mentioned that she found a talk by Andrea Fella, Ignorance fuels the habit of craving, useful. You can stream it here.

July 24: Sanghamitta shared the beginning of Ajahn Sujito’s talk on the Noble Eightfold Path.

July 27: We continued discussing wanting and craving with the help of a brief talk by Ajahn Sona on desire, one of a series of mini-talks on the hindrances available here.

July 31: We concluded Ajahn Sujito’s talk on the Noble Eightfold Path.

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