August 3: Cori shared with us an essay by Thich Nhat Hanh that led to a deep and helpful discussion of equanimity and caring for others.

August 7: Sanghamitta shared with us her thoughts on the Noble Eightfold Path

August 10: We shared our thoughts and experiences with breath meditation.

August 14: Sanghamitta played a YouTube video in which Reverend Heng Sure reflected on the various bridges between Abhayagiri and the City of 10,000 Buddhas.

August 17: We listened the first part of a video in which Joseph Goldstein discussed the importance of being mindful of impermanence and change. Leslie also suggested that Ajahn Sona’s talk, How the Wise See Cancer (part 1) would make interesting viewing for anyone, affected by cancer or not.

August 24: Jan shared with us two of Thanissaro Bhikku’s talks on trust, which generated a good discussion. We had a number of newcomers, so talk moved to suggestions for resources for learners. Besides this website, we mentioned Thanissaro Bhikku’s introductory teachings and the Insight Timer app, which includes many guided meditations and Dhamma talks.

August 28: Leslie began the session with Ajahn Sona’s brief introduction to breath meditation, intending to continue with another of his short talk from that YouTube series. However, the discussion that started after meditation proved so fruitful that we didn’t bother with another teaching.

August 31: Judy gave a reading of the last chapter in Pema Chodron’s book When Things Fall Apart, again stimulating a deep discussion. The Friday sessions, perhaps because they are smaller, are generating much important sharing of ideas and experiences.


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