Friday, October 5: Jan shared with us Gil Fronsdal’s talk, Alternatives to Thinking. Meditation practice can lead to a whole paradigm shift. Thoughts, which are mostly about yourself, lose their attractiveness. We become situation-centered, attentive to the here and now.

Tuesday, October 9: Mary shared Rachel Lewis’s first dharma talk at Spirit Rock, a discussion of impermanence, dukkha, and non-self from an astro-physicist’s point of view. It was given at a retreat called Evolving Together: Mindfulness Meditation and Modern Science.

Friday, October 12 – Sunday, October 14: Ajahn Pavaro led a retreat for us.

Tuesday, October 16: We discussed our experiences at Ajahn Pavaro’s retreat.

Friday, October 26: Leslie shared a book she discovered on a recent self-directed retreat: Bhikku Analayo’s Satipatthana: A Practice GuideShe played the first of seven guided meditations based on this book, a meditation on the parts of the body.

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