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Ajahn Subharo

Resident monastic teacher

I’m a Canadian, who grew up in Saskatchewan. After finishing university, I also lived in Ontario and British Columbia.

My first exposure to Buddhism was from a book by a famous American lay teacher, in my university days. I started practicing meditation on my own, then it gradually progressed to me attending several 10-day retreats in with the Vipassana Foundation. It was on my first 10-day retreat that I knew that I one day wanted to ordain.

I ordained as a Buddhist monk (bhikkhu) on Oct 30, 2008, at Abhayagiri monastery, USA, with Luang Por Pasanno as my preceptor. My first 5 “Rains” (Vassas) as a bhikkhu were spent in Canada, then once I obtained my Independence as a monk, I began to travel around to other monasteries to train.

I’ve since been to Australia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and Thailand. I’ve spent over 3 years training in Asia, total, and I’ve spent time living with other Theravada Buddhist traditions, not just the Ajahn Chah lineage, which I was ordained into. I’ve spent time with the Ajahn Buddhadasa lineage of Thailand, the Galduwa and Mahamevnawa traditions of Sri Lanka, as well as stayed in an associated monastery to the Pa Auk Sayadaw lineage of Myanmar, while in Malaysia. I’ve also stayed in an Early-Buddhist-Text-aligned monastery in Malaysia called “Sasanarakkha”.

I feel this broadening of my horizons within the Theravada Buddhist world was invaluable, to place tradition within a broader context, and see how they all compared and contrasted to what was in the Early Buddhist Texts. I have read the Early Buddhist Texts more than three times, and continue studying them daily. I also meditate daily, which is my favorite thing about Buddhism.

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about sanghamitta2

Sanghamitta (Mary Dumka)

Resident lay teacher


Sanghamitta, a retired psychiatrist who has been practicing Buddhist Meditation since 1991, has done several years of training as a meditation teacher. Currently she is in the Upasika training program at Birken.

Sanghamitta’s first teacher was Mechele Calvert, a student of Bhante Piyadassi of Sri Lanka. Her current teacher is Ajahn Sona of Sitavana/Birken Forest Monastery near Kamloops, BC. She has also done retreats with Bhante Piyadassi, Thich Nhat Hanh, Bhante Gunaratana, Bhikkhu Thanissaro, Ayya Medhanandi and Ayya Santacitta. She spent the 3 month Rains Retreat of 2016 with Ajahn Brahm of Bodhinyana Monastery.

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