Visiting Teachers

Bhikkhu Thanissaro
Ordained 1976Bhikkhu Thanissaro
Bhikkhu Thanissaro is the abbot of Metta Forest Monastery near San Diego, California. He is in the Dhammayut Thai Forest Tradition. His teacher was Ajahn Fuang Jotiko.

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Ayya Medhanandi
Ordained 2007Ayya Medhanandi
Ayyā Medhānandī Bhikkhunī, is the abbess of Sati Sārāņīya Hermitage, in Perth, Ontario. She trained with Venerable Sayādaw U Pandita in Burma and then with Ajahn Sumedho in England.

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Ayya Nimmala
Ordained 2011Ayya Nimmala
Ayya Nimmala trained under Ayya Medhanandi at Sati Saraniya Hermitage. She spends her time between Sati Saraniya and Vancouver, BC.

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Ajahn Sona
Ordained 1989Ajahn Sona
Ajahn Sona is the abbot of Sitavana, Birken Forest Monastery near Kamloops, BC. His ordaining teacher was Bhante Gunaratana (born in Sri Lanka) but then continued his training in Ajahn Chah's international monastery in Thailand.

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Bhikkhu Subharo
Ordained 2008Bhikkhu Subharo
Bhikkhu Subharo's teacher was Ajahn Sona and his preceptor was Ajahn Pasanno of Abhayagiri Monastery. He is currently residing at Sasanarakkha Buddhist Sanctuary in Malaysia.

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Ayya Santussika
Ordained 2012Ayya Santussika
Venerable Santussika Bhikkhuni is the Abbess of Karuna Buddhist Vihara in Mountain View, California. She trained with Ayya Tathaaloka in California, continued her training at Amaravati and Chithurst Monasteries in England and completed her training with Ayya Sudarshana as her preceptor in Sri Lanka.

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Ajahn Pavaro
Ordained 2003Ajahn Pavaro
Ajahn Pavaro, is a Canadian born monk who used to be a University lecturer teaching comparative religion in Calgary, AB. His teacher was Ajahn Sona. He has been living with Ajahn Achalo at Anandagiri Forest Monastery in Thailand for the past five and a half years as the 'second monk'.

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Ayya Santacitta
Ordained 2011Ayya Santacitta
Ayya Santacitta is the co-abbess of Aloka Vihara Forest Monastery near Sacramento, California. She trained with Ajahn Buddhadasa in Thailand and Ajahn Sumedho in England.

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