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Below are short summaries of the Dhamma talks at the Tuesday and Friday meditation groups.

Links to the talks are provided when available.



Friday, July 12

Bhante Subharo spoke about Nibbana. The Buddha spoke about Nibbana in sutta SN 35.83. The Buddha always described consciousness in terms of the six sense doors, but Nibbana cannot be described in those terms. Arahants no longer discriminate between self and others; they are in a state in which the self is extinguished. One can achieve Nibbana through samadhi and attaining the brahmaviharas - the Buddha gave explicit instructions on how to do this.  

Friday, June 28: Leslie attended a retreat last week led by Shaila Catherine on dealing with the distracted mind. Next Tuesday she will give a report on what she learned there, but today she played a talk by Shaila Catherine: Mindfulness of mind.

The Buddha's Shoulds - Friday, May 24
Leslie shared Thanissaro Bhikku's short talk, and her own thoughts about the Precepts for laypeople contrasted with the Judaeo-Christian Ten Commandments. The Buddha taught how to reach true happiness by doing what really works. Several Commandments resemble the Precepts, but they are taught as "must"s, not "should"s.

Ajahn Sona on hindrances: 3 - I Have No Energy: Are You Stagnant?

The third hindrance is traditionally called "sloth and torpor", but Ajahn Sona prefers "lethargy", or "suffering from stagnation". The YouTube video is here

Tuesday, February 26: Nadine, preparing for a month-long retreat focussing on jhana (states of deep concentration or samadhi), spoke on jhana and its relationship to happiness. Her notes for her talk can be found here. They contain a link to Ajahn Sona's talk on happiness, which you can also find here

Friday, December 7: We listened to an unpublished talk (available to Sanghamitta because she attended his last rains retreat) about our attitude towards meditation. Be kind, gentle, and accepting towards yourself as you meditate. Let go of your past negative meditation experiences and be prepared to experience bliss.

Friday, November 2: Leslie continued sharing Bhikku Analayo’s thoughts and guided meditations on the Satipatthana Sutta. This week we did a body scan based on the traditional elements: earth, water, fire, and wind. Analayo’s guided meditations can be downloaded from Windhorse Publications. Joseph Goldstein’s  talk on the four elements based on Analayo’s research can be found here.

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