Summary of our Weekly Talks

January 2020 talks

Friday, January 31

Bodhipala shared a talk by Thanissaro Bhikku: See Your Thoughts as Alien.

Tuesday, January 28

Sanghamitta played a talk by Pico Iyer, The Art of Stillness - one of the 7 most inspirational TED talks.

Friday, January 24

Leslie brought a talk by Gil Fronsdal: Uprooting greed, hatred, and delusion. She would have liked to play his talk, Hatred and the end of hatred - but it's too long. Have a listen if you're interested. 

Tuesday, January 21

We participated in a guided meditation led by Ajahn BrahmOne obstacle to meditation is lack of mindfulness or sleepiness, allowing your thoughts to carry you away from your object of meditation. Ajahn Brahm instructs us to stay mindful by continuously looking out for things that may lead to dullness and excessive thinking.

Friday, January 17

Bodhipala (who some old-timers know as Nadine) introduced us to a series of talks by Ajahn Sona on right effort, the sixth (and often neglected) step of the Buddha's Noble Eightfold Path.

Tuesday, January 14

Daily Spiritual Growth: Don’t be discouraged if you’re not enlightened yet. Ajahn Santutthi says it’s a long journey and encourages us to continue with our Buddhist practice because this will bring about many positive changes in our lives and eventually we will reach Enlightenment.

Sanghamitta also played a guided meditation from a four-week online course led by the Venerable Analayo on climate change. The course is free, but requires registration. We can register here. 

Tuesday, January 7

Ajahn Brahmali discusses how to contemplate on the Dhamma. Ajahn suggests we focus on a simple contemplation like finding appreciations in our daily life, because this will really help our spiritual development.

Friday, January 3

For our first session after the Christmas/New Year's break Sanghamitta presented a talk by the Venerable Roberta Courtin: Cultivating Emotional Awareness. It's about laying the foundation of morality and then working with the mind to stop blaming the world for our happiness and unhappiness.  Change what is happening in your world if possible.  If not, take responsibility for your emotions, create happiness from within. She's quite the dragon, says Sanghamitta, but her message is stellar. 

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