Summary of our Weekly Talks

March 2020 talks

Tuesday, March 31

We continue to meet via Zoom. Today Sanghamitta played for us a talk offered by Ajahn Sona at Abhayagiri Buddhist Monastery in October 2016, at the inauguration of new facilities: Where is the Buddha now?

Friday, March 20, Tuesday, March 24

Our meetings have moved online via Zoom. Today Sanghamitta offered a guided meditation, a result of her recent retreat at Birken. You can listen to the talk here.

Tuesday, March 10

Continuing last week's talk on loving ourselves, we listened to a guided meditation and part of a summing up by Diana Clark.

Friday, March 6

We listened to part of last Monday's Spirit Rock Live webcast, where Jack Kornfield discusses living as a bodhisattva in these turbulent times. We did not have time to listen to his friend Paul Hawken talk about his response to climate change  - but he should be listened to. Relevant timings are:
10:00 - a few words of explanation, then a guided meditation
58:00 - Jack Kornfield's talk
01:28:00 - Paul Hawkens' talk

Tuesday, March 3

We listened to the first part of a talk by Insight Meditation Center teacher Diana Clark: Being your own teacher - Working with your inner critic. You need to practice loving-kindness towards yourself and treat yourself with the care and compassion you offer others. 

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