Summary of our Weekly Talks

May 2020 talks

Friday, May 29

Judy shared with us one of Ajahn Sudanto's morning coffee talks, Your Own Mind. He offers these talks every morning at 9 a.m. our time.

Tuesday, May 26

Ayya Santacitta visited us electronically and spoke about the gifts that come with the difficulties of Covid.

Friday, May 22

Today we had a guided meditation, How to Surf the Waves of Peace, from the Venerable Mudu, followed by a documentary on Ajahn Brahm and the Dhammasara nun's monastery.

Tuesday, May 19

We heard Alahn Amaro speak about Dependent Origination

Friday, May 15

We  listened to the third part of Bhikkhu Anālayo's study, Mindfully Facing Climate Change

Tuesday, May 12

Ajahn Brahm spoke about depression.

Friday, May 8

We heard a talk by Ajahn Sona on the sublime abidings.

Tuesday, May 5

We listened to Ajahn Amaro's talk on papanca (conceptual proliferation): Not My Circus, Not My Monkeys

Friday, May 1

We listened to part of a talk by Ajahn Vayama: The Miracle in the Heart. Ayya Vayama is the founding abbot of Western Australia's Dhammasara  Nuns’ Monastery, and the first woman to receive full ordination as a bhikkuni on their home ground in the western world. 


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