Summary of our Weekly Talks

June 2020 Talks

Friday, June 26

We listened to a talk by Gil Fronsdal, The Roots of Non-Hate.

Tuesday, June 23

Ajahn Subharo spoke of the importance to him of the Kalakarama Sutta, which he discovered through K. Nyanananda's book The Mind Stilled. "So a Realized One sees what is to be seen, but does not identify with what is seen, does not identify with what is unseen, does not identify with what is to be seen, and does not identify with a seer. ..." This teaching sheds light on the truth of anatta, non-self. 

Friday, June 19

We listened to a guided meditation and talk by Ayya Medhanandi, On the Cross of Our Illusions – A Guided Dying Meditation and Reflections.

Tuesday, June 16

Ajahn Subharo spoke about the use of varying meditation objects, having discovered that different ones work best at different times. He referred to the Cook sutta, SN47.8, the discourse about Bahia, Ud 1.10,   and the Anuradha sutta, SN 22.86.

Friday June 12

Sanghamitta expanded on Ajahn Subharo's Tuesday talk and the rest of the group joined in, discussing the benefits of Buddhist practice even for those who are not able to or wanting to ordain. 

Tuesday June 9

Ajahn Subharo gave his first talk to our group, speaking of the necessity for ordination in order to achieve full liberation. He referred to two suttas: AN 11.1, What's the Purpose, and AN 6.60, With Hatthisariputta. Ajahn Subharo gives talks every Saturday night, which are posted on his website: Instructions on live-streaming his talks can be found by clicking on one of his previous talks. 

Friday June 5

We listened to the fourth of Bhikku Analayo's talks on climate change: Mindfully walking the path (scroll down to the bottom of the page.)

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