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July Talks

Friday July 24

A new series was started on the Three Doors to Liberation using retreat talks by Gil Fronsdal.  Today we did the guided meditation and the first two talks that are dated July 13-14, 2020.  The Three Doors are 1. the signless, 2. the wishless 3. emptiness.  Todays talks and guided meditation were an overview and the signless.

Friday July 17

We continued on the theme of "how to" put in action Right Speech.  Starting at 18:15, this Morning Coffee with Ajahn Sudanto gave some wonderful teachings on this topic.

Friday July 10

We discussed some questions around Right Speech that arose from last Friday's video. Sanghamitta referred us to the holding technique described in lesson 3 on this website and suggested two useful books: How to be an Adult, by David Richo, and The Five Love Languagesby Gary Chapman. Leslie shared some ideas for responses to racist statements from one of her daughter Rachel's Facebook posts, which she has since lost. If you are interested in exploring racial justice from a Buddhist perspective, BCIMS (the British Columbia Insight Meditation Society) has a page of resources here.

Friday July 3

We shared Gil Fronsdal's talk: Liberating Speech: Uniting Those Who are Divided.

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