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October talks

Welcome to summaries/links to our Dhamma talks given in October 2020.

Oct 6: Ajahn Subharo gave a Dhamma talk on Logical Fallacies.

Oct 9:  Ayya Santacitta of Aloka Vihara Forest Monastery gave a talk on Right Intention, the second step of the Noble Eightfold Path.

Oct 13: Ajahn Subharo talked about Thanksgiving and letting go of trying to control and letting go of strong views.

Oct 16: We listened to a guided meditation by Gil Fronsdal on Strength and Assurance and then a Dhamma talk by him on Strength and Confidence.  (Scroll down to 2020-07-19).

Oct 20: Ajahn Subharo talked about simplifying one's lifestyle.

Oct 23: We listened to the final talk by Gil Fronsdal in his series: Be, See, Free, We.  Today's Dhamma talk was on not self, anatta.  (Scroll down to 2020-07-19).  At the beginning of the talk Gil passes on an excellent exercise to help us take a vacation from the exhaustion of maintaining a self.

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