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Seven Factors of Awakening - Part 4

Ayya gives a  guided meditation on the elements.  The purpose is to understand the concept of anatta, not-self.

Not-self is a phrase to point us to the reality that there is no permanent, unchanging core to our experience of a self.  It does not imply that we don't exist.  We do exist.

The elements are:

- earth: teeth, bones, the food we eat.  It's function is to provide structure.

- water: blood, lymph, body fluids.  It's function is cohesion.

- fire: heat, temperature.  It's function is maturity.

- air: breath.  It's function is movement, vibration.

- space

Ayya guides us in a meditation on the elements.  There is an emphasis on staying grounded in the body and using mindfulness to determine if either the arousing or the calming Factors of Awakening are needed.

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