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Recollection of the Devas

One of the 40 objects of meditation given by the Buddha = Recollection of the Devas. 

Ajahn Punnadhammo noticed a parallelism between the first seven heavenly realms and the seven chakras of the body.  He felt this made sense as many spiritual traditions (including Chinese medicine which is based on Daoism) see our bodies as a microcosm of the macrocosm: "as above, so below". 

 Ajahn Punnadhammo -

The heavenly realms are abodes, places of abiding, into which one can be reborn.  They also represent levels of consciousness.  We simultaneously exist in all these levels of consciousness, but may not have awareness of this.  Our meditation practice helps open up our awareness to the higher levels.

 The meditation Ajahn Punnadhammo has developed is an accessible way to do the Recollection of the Devas.

 His guided meditations and Dhamma talks on this subject are found at:

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- 2020: Feb 24

- 2019: Nov 3

For Ajahn's book on "The Buddhist Cosmos" go to

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- Cosmology Book


The 31 Abodes


World of Sense-Desires

 1. Hells

2. The asuras (titans)

3. The world of hungry ghosts

4. The animal world

5. The Human World


(Heavenly Realms)

6. Realm of the Four Great Kings                                   Root Chakra (four petaled lotus)

Catumaharajika realm                                                     Earth element                                                

Place of Guardianship 

Half way up Mount Sineru

Protectors of the World Survival, safety, security, 

Protect us from defilements groundedness

Thunderbirds, dragons, gnomes, ogres (Supanas, Nagas, Kumbhandas, Yakkhas and Gandhabbas): these creatures are the army of the four kings.


7. World of The Thirty-Three Gods                                Sexual Chakra (6 petaled lotus)

Tavatimsa Heaven                                                          the 6 senses

Place of Delight

Top of Mount Sineru

Sakka is the chief

Beauty, place of all sensual delights


8. Yama Heaven                                                           Navel Chakra (10 petaled lotus)

not connected to earth                                                 seat of emotions: when open,

no strife                                                                         healthy and energized = oceanic

Place of Contentment and Bliss                                   bliss


 9. Tusita Heaven                                                          Heart Chakra (12 petaled lotus)

home of the next Buddha:                                            seat of brahmaviharas especially

Maitrea (compassion)                                                   compassion

Place of Compassion


 10. Devas Delighting in Creation                                Throat Chakra (16 petaled lotus)

Nimmanarati deva                                                        place of speech

whatever they wish, they can manifest                        seat of creation, expression

Place of Creation


 11. Devas Wielding Power over Others'                      Third Eye Chakra (2 petaled lotus)

Creations                                                                       seat of the will, power, intellect

Vasavatti deva                                                               The 2 petals refer to the two rulers

Ruler: Vasavatti                                                              of this heaven.....we can turn our

Rival: Mara, the tempter                                                will to good or to ill.

Place of Will and Power


The Brahma Worlds


12. Brahmakayika Brahmas

Place of Illumination                                                       Crown Chakra  (1,000 petaled feed on bliss lotus)

no gender, luminous

Lord: Maha Brahma

1st jhana


13. Abhassara Brahmas

2nd jhana

"Oh the bliss"

more luminous but flickers


14. Subhakinha Brahmas

wrapped in profound bliss

3rd jhana

no sound, rejoice in silence


15. Vehapphala Brahmas

dwell in equanimity: profound peace beyond bliss

4th jhana


+ 16 more heavenly realms

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