Offering food & supplies

Offering food & supplies

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Ajahn has started to do pindapat i.e. an almsround.  Since our community is not familiar with Buddhist monastics doing this, we are altering the practice slightly.  We are having pre-arranged people offering Ajahn food at their doorstep. Then, as he walks to these various homes, other townsfolk might see him and perhaps start asking questions and perhaps offer to join in offering food.  Since Canmore is spread out, we would  set up different routes for Ajahn to walk each day.

At present we have one person offering food at 7:15 am on Sundays.  This is the earliest time that Ajahn can start to receive food in the day.  This means he would arrive at the first home on the route at 7:15 and then later at the other homes.

We would like to set up a pindapat on Saturdays at 11 am.  Is anyone interested in offering on Saturday at this time?

If you are interested in offering food to Ajahn on Pindapat, please contact Sanghamitta at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 403-678-2034.

Supplies Needed

1. Kleenex

2. Paper towels

3. Baby wipes, unscented (one of those plastic cyclinders where they pull out of the top)

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